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Gravity Falls- The Prequel Theory
What spurs on human advancement? Why boredom of course.  And who spurs on human advancement?  Why the young of course.  It started of just like any other summer, boring, nothing at all like the films. 
What he would give for a little excitement!  Then his prayers would be answered. 
It started small just a curiosity at first.  Hence the youth came to a startling discovery... There were THINGS out there! 
Not your everyday sort of things, but the kinds of things that horrify and mystify.  The kind that drive men insane and the kind tat inspire millions. So the youth kept a journal of all his findings; carefully anolaguing every discovery. 
It was scary at first, dealing with things nobody would believe in.  But he always made it through because he knew, deep in his heart that the truth was worth the risk. His adventures made him cunning, and he learned ever more about how things really works. But then he realized he wasn't alone.
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Sonic FanArt 1 by kmathel94 Sonic FanArt 1 :iconkmathel94:kmathel94 1 0 A Bowel of Fate by kmathel94 A Bowel of Fate :iconkmathel94:kmathel94 2 0 Love Knows No Bounds 001 by kmathel94
Mature content
Love Knows No Bounds 001 :iconkmathel94:kmathel94 0 0
Mystery Skulls Ghost copy by kmathel94 Mystery Skulls Ghost copy :iconkmathel94:kmathel94 5 0
MLP Smile Bomb
Here's a link to a video I hope will bring a smile to your face :)
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A Couple Reasons We Love Mystery Skulls-Ghost
1) Story
-Very engaging
-Elements of mystery and Romance
-Despite it's short runtime it leaves behind a powerful impact
-Unique and memorable style
-Amazingly catchy
-Complements and reinforces the animation
-adds to the atmosphere
-the charecters are complex
-the charecters are likeable and relatable
5)Homage to Scooby Do
Examples include
-Mystery Van
-Arther resembles shaggy
-Vivi resemvles Velma
-Mystery resembles Scooby Do
-Lewis resembles Fred
-Their is a chase scene involving many doors and cartoon hijinks
-Vivi and Mystery are seen eating large sandwiches (like Scooby ans Shaggy would :3)
6)The characters "bob" their heads to the beat the whole time!
-this is really cool!
-Adds to the music and uniqueness of the video(almost iconic)
7)Easter eggs abound
-Plenty of nods to other fandoms
-MLP being one of them in the portrait scene featuring Human Rarity.
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Elsa and Anon: A Holiday Romance
It was a year since the kingdom had learned of her powers. Thanks to her sister she no longer had to hide her talents. She should have been happy.
But as she looked about her kingdom she grew discontent. Couples happy and merry in her winter wonderland. Even her sister Anna had found someone to keep close by the fire.
She sighed, though she was royalty, she couldn't help but wish for some more "romance".
Her thoughts led her to wander the castle. With no real destination on this fine winter day. All the servants were off, and Anna was spending some time with Kristoff.
"Yes, all my subjects are I should be too right?"
As she wandered the castle though a solitary figure in the shadows emerged
Anon had been working as a guard for the royal family for only the last five years or so. It was an uneventful occupation, but one he preformed diligently. It was uneventful...that was until a year ago. Queen Elsa had rarely made an appearance in those days. But then he saw her fo
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The Devil Came Down To Georgia by kmathel94 The Devil Came Down To Georgia :iconkmathel94:kmathel94 5 7 The Batman! by kmathel94 The Batman! :iconkmathel94:kmathel94 4 0 Scan20141113163703946 by kmathel94 Scan20141113163703946 :iconkmathel94:kmathel94 0 3 Krazy's Lair by kmathel94 Krazy's Lair :iconkmathel94:kmathel94 1 0 Krazy Stargazer by kmathel94 Krazy Stargazer :iconkmathel94:kmathel94 0 0 Godzilla vs. The MUTOS by kmathel94 Godzilla vs. The MUTOS :iconkmathel94:kmathel94 15 0
Self Manifisttion
He was a shy, but nice kid.  
He had dreams and aspirations.
And when he talked about those dreams,
His eyes gleamed, it was like looking at stars.
The way he spoke about them was so clear and vivid,
You could almost feel it, but you know he could see it.
It was like he was seeing into the future and telling what he saw.
Or like he just came back from a grand journey and needed to tell someone about it.
And I couldn’t help but admire that kid, for how beautiful it must be to see one’s dreams before them.
But I was a realist.
I said “kid having dreams is nice but sometimes you got to be practical
Maybe you should aim smaller?”
The look on that child’s face when I said that would have crushed even the strongest of men.
“No” he said.
“Excuse me?”
“NO!  No, no, no!  I will not give up on my dreams!” he said with conviction
I sigh, “such is the naivety of a child” I thought to myself.
“Look I&
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Nephelim with effects by kmathel94 Nephelim with effects :iconkmathel94:kmathel94 4 0


Anime Face Maker 2 by gen8 Anime Face Maker 2 :icongen8:gen8 16,169 5,322 Chibi Maker 1.1 by gen8 Chibi Maker 1.1 :icongen8:gen8 51,520 12,734 Hierarchy of Angels and Demons by justdejan Hierarchy of Angels and Demons :iconjustdejan:justdejan 2,190 304 I'm Mary Poppins Y'all! by Smudgeandfrank I'm Mary Poppins Y'all! :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 1,368 167 Neutral Cat by celesse Neutral Cat :iconcelesse:celesse 2,436 96 One eye (COMIC DUB) by YAMsgarden One eye (COMIC DUB) :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 5,617 398 Butter-not-Free by DarkKenjie Butter-not-Free :icondarkkenjie:DarkKenjie 3,360 233 The Mighty Avengers by EricGuzman The Mighty Avengers :iconericguzman:EricGuzman 1,707 150 The Avengers Line Up by EricGuzman The Avengers Line Up :iconericguzman:EricGuzman 3,927 391 Justice League New 52 by EricGuzman Justice League New 52 :iconericguzman:EricGuzman 3,892 483 Mojo Jojo by Wowza-Wowzers Mojo Jojo :iconwowza-wowzers:Wowza-Wowzers 53 12 Little Red Riding Hood by Wowza-Wowzers Little Red Riding Hood :iconwowza-wowzers:Wowza-Wowzers 354 40 Fake Angels by ChrisCold Fake Angels :iconchriscold:ChrisCold 5,413 100 I can explain by kawacy I can explain :iconkawacy:kawacy 4,729 133 ZERO refs - Accessories by rika-dono ZERO refs - Accessories :iconrika-dono:rika-dono 1,119 16 Gator Maw Journey (LARGE FILE ON THE RIGHT) by wormsign2k
Mature content
Gator Maw Journey (LARGE FILE ON THE RIGHT) :iconwormsign2k:wormsign2k 268 52
I've been a busy little bee on my Youtube channel these past few days!
I uploaded TWO videos!!!!

One is a Godzilla Parody
Attack on Legendary Godzilla
I've been on a huge Kaiju fix lately and went out and bought a bunch of Godzilla movies and a Godzilla game!

The other is an MLP parody :)
Harmony League
This one i had in the works for a bit and finally released.

It would mean a ton if you guys gave these videos a looksie when you got the chance :)


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Hey! I love telling stories(but need to work on it) and drawing (I could improve a little at that to). I like mystery, Si-fi, and fantasy.



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