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What spurs on human advancement? Why boredom of course.  And who spurs on human advancement?  Why the young of course.  It started of just like any other summer, boring, nothing at all like the films. 

What he would give for a little excitement!  Then his prayers would be answered. 

It started small just a curiosity at first.  Hence the youth came to a startling discovery... There were THINGS out there! 

Not your everyday sort of things, but the kinds of things that horrify and mystify.  The kind that drive men insane and the kind tat inspire millions. So the youth kept a journal of all his findings; carefully anolaguing every discovery. 

It was scary at first, dealing with things nobody would believe in.  But he always made it through because he knew, deep in his heart that the truth was worth the risk. His adventures made him cunning, and he learned ever more about how things really works. But then he realized he wasn't alone. 

There were others out their, others just like him.  Others who were just as driven for the truth.  Some just wanted to know the truth, others wanted to use this knowledge for more...nefarious purposes. 

This was a different breed one who wasn't content with the norm, a breed apart. But things went wrong.  Soon these individuals pushed the envelope to far!  Even by their standards.  They had unleashed something, they had unleashed wonder, and horror into the world once more. So a act was made.  Keep it a secret. The world wasn't ready for the truth, not yet.  So they destroyed their research with a heavy heart.  Wonders, adventures, discoveries, all had to be destroyed. 

But the youth couldn't do it...he had spent so long looking for the truth.., to SHARE the truth!  Only for it to be destroyed?  No he could not let that happen!  Those journals were his soul, they held his best wishes for the future.  He couldn't destroy them. So he hid them.  He hid the truth.  He didn't know if anyone would ever find them. 

So the curious breed, the bored one's, the brave one's, the seekers of truth hid.  Hid from their past, from adventure, from each other but most of all, they hid their knowledge.

But a day would come when youth would discover a certain journal, together with his sister and friends they would rediscover wonders, and unleash horrors and this time their would be so stopping the truth!
Gravity Falls- The Prequel Theory
As a little challenge to myself I wrote a quick story as I was listining to this…

It would take place before the events of the series.  I wrote this before the "Stanley and Stanford" reviel so it may not be fully acurate.  But I think the story can still fit...maybe.

Anywho this was just my take on the awesome series!

Comments appreciated :)
I've been a busy little bee on my Youtube channel these past few days!
I uploaded TWO videos!!!!

One is a Godzilla Parody
Attack on Legendary Godzilla
I've been on a huge Kaiju fix lately and went out and bought a bunch of Godzilla movies and a Godzilla game!

The other is an MLP parody :)
Harmony League
This one i had in the works for a bit and finally released.

It would mean a ton if you guys gave these videos a looksie when you got the chance :)


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Hey! I love telling stories(but need to work on it) and drawing (I could improve a little at that to). I like mystery, Si-fi, and fantasy.

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