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I've been able to relate more and more with the character Rarity on MLP:FIM.  At first I thought she was just a...well I thought she was obnoxious.  But as I got to learn more about her, and as the show progressed I realized that she resembled me in a lot of ways.  She's very creative, and will often go above and beyond to help her friends!  In the song, "Art of the Dress' I literally felt myself become a Rarity fan. She tried her very best to give her friends EXACTLY what they wanted...but that was just the problem.  But luckily everyone seemed to learn their lesson :). IT also interested me to know where the infamous '20% cooler' phrase came from...well now I know.  As soon as I heard Rainbow Dash give such a nonchalant reply to Rarity's heartfelt work I nearly slammed my head onto the laptop from irritation and disbelief. 

Don't get me wrong I adore Rainbow Dash, and I know her personality so I get it.  I actually thought her response was hilarious as well.  But it is disheartening to work on something sooooooo very hard and for someone to only gloss over it.  So I threw this video together, I hope your entertained! Till the sun sets on a world that's not 20% cooler...stay gold!…


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Hey! I love telling stories(but need to work on it) and drawing (I could improve a little at that to). I like mystery, Si-fi, and fantasy.

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